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Find out what you can expect at a Bournemouth Joggers training session
Our club nights

Bournemouth Joggers has various Club Sessions that you can join in with. Our training nights are on Mondays and Thursdays at 7pm. There are also regular sessions on a Friday morning, as well as informal group runs and social runs on Sundays. 

Communications are sent out every week to explain the sessions for the week ahead, giving members the chance to book on to the sessions they wish to go to. The booking system makes sure that the there are qualified Run Leaders available for each session to help you get the most out of your club nights. 


Our common meeting place is at Strouden Park Community Centre, near Castlepoint, however we regularly meet in other locations, including the beach at Boscombe or the track at Kings Park. In summer we may offer a variety of other meeting locations to do different trail routes in the lighter evenings. Locations will be shared at the same time as the planned sessions each week.

We have a club What's App group and private Facebook group for our members, where you can find out all the latest sessions and book to attend each week. 

Types Of Training Session

In The Zone

In The Zone sessions are usually 4 or 6 mile runs with a focus on running in a particular 'zone'. These inclusive sessions look at learning how it feels to run 'easy', 'steady' or 'threshold' paces. This will be different for everyone, so we encourage every runner to run their own pace, with regular opportunities to regroup so that everyone starts and finishes together. There is a detailed document available for members in our closed Facebook Group (new members will be invited to join), explaining more about these sessions.


These inclusive sessions are perfect for all runners of all levels. There are often held at the beach so we can make the most of the flat promenade and the zig-zags. As we stay in one location, everyone can run at their own pace and get the most out of each session. 

Drills – Group warm-up with exercises such as high-knees and skipping, before the main session.

ABC – Focus on the principles of good running form, such as what your arms do when you run.

Speed – Interval sessions, pyramids, Fartlek, crocodile runs, etc.

Hills – Short and sharp or maybe longer and less steep, but may be down as well as up! 

Track Sessions

On the first Monday of each month, we meet at the Kings Park Athletics Centre. These sessions will involve a group warm-up, followed by differing efforts. These may involve speed or endurance to challenge you. But don't be put off by the thought of running on track! These are some of our most inclusive sessions, as the sessions can be easily adapted to suit every runner. We understand newer runners can feel nervous about trying track sessions, but you can expect a warm welcome and a fun challenge. 

Tired Toes

If you’ve raced, recently done an effort session, or are coming back from injury, you may be in need of a steady recovery run where you can easily maintain a conversation. Tired Toes is the one for you! 


These sessions are for those who are coming back from not running for a while, or who are reasonably new to running. While incorporating the DASH model, these sessions will be planned to keep the group reasonably close together and won’t be more than 3-4 miles in total.


Those who are comfortable with doing 5K and would like to improve their 10K time are likely to benefit the most from these sessions. The efforts are specifically planned to increase your speed and involve efforts. There are usually two sessions on a Friday morning from Fisherman’s Walk. Please ask if you want to find out more about joining these sessions. 

Other Runs 

Other runs that you may see offered included our Scenic Socials, Coffee Runs and Early Bird runs. We also have good attendance at various races throughout the year. 

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