Description of our various club nights and our up to date training schedule
Club Nights

Our usual meeting place is at Strouden Park Community Centre, Vanguard Rd, Bournemouth BH8 9NU on Mondays and Thursdays at 7pm. Do check our training grid though as we have other regular training sessions, as below.

FHAB Nights

FHAB stands for Fast, Hills And Beach! These sessions will help build stamina and strength by concentrating on either speed work, hill training or beach running. We meet at either Strouden Park or Boscombe Pier. Check training grid for details.

Training Grid

Please check grid below for planned club nights, track sessions, FHAB nights and races. The grid shows the various distances on offer and meeting place when different from Strouden Park.

Track Nights

On the first Monday in each calendar month (excluding Bank Hols) we have a track session, starting at 7pm. We split these sessions between the Athletics Stadium at Kings Park and the playing fields at Sir David English. Please check the training grid for specific details.

Training Pace Definitions

Race Pace

This should be your fastest pace that you can maintain for the duration of the race you are taking part in, so it may not be the same for all distances. In most cases you will run faster at a shorter distance than a longer distance.


This is faster than Race Pace and should only be for short distances usually measured in metres rather than miles. Reserved for Track, FHAB or interval training within a longer run.

Even Pace

Setting a pace and keeping to it for the duration of the run. This means not slowing for hills or speeding up on flat stretches. The pace you set should be at a level you can maintain.

Steady Pace

This is very much the same as Even Pace only you would not keep the same pace for the run, instead your pace may vary depending on the terrain and route. For some this could also be your training pace.

Easy Pace

In most cases this would be training pace, that is the pace you run on training nights. You should be relaxed and able to hold a conversation whilst running.